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A Generous Act

Last week, at the time of writing this, we received a very welcome impromptu visitor through our high street door. Mrs Joan Bishop, dressed for the cold greeted us from beneath her mask with the wonderful request of what she could do to help with all the marvellous knitting she’d done.

At once we set about thinking who might make use of such a kind offer of a variety of hats and mittens, when thanked for it she humbly answered ‘Well it was just something to do really.’

It is simple acts of kindness such as this which top up your faith in humanity, that she spent her time practicing a hobby, but thinking how best it might help those in need. We immediately contacted charities and a couple said they would be very grateful to receive them.

Age Concern Uckfield will be donating some to those in need, whilst Chailey Heritage Foundation are giving them as presents to some of the children in their care.

Thank you once again to Mrs Bishop, even small acts of kindness can go a long way, especially in as difficult times as this year has been for so many. We hope that those who are lucky enough to receive her handmade winter wear get a great many years of use out of them!