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Uckfield Volunteer Fair 2023

Sometimes we’ve already made up our minds long in advance of a decision. You’re attending university, and you’re set on joining the football team, or the Latin and ballroom society, the student radio, or even assassins’ guild society (who are hopefully terrible at it).

For a lot of people, they haven’t quite made up their mind beyond knowing they want to get involved in something. The same is true of volunteering, where so many know they’re interested but can’t quite find the direction that suits.

More often than not, meeting someone from an organisation will tip the balance in a decision, which is exactly why we’ve put together the Volunteer Fair on the 23rd September.

Speaking face to face with someone already giving their time, getting to learn of their passion and what drives them, the difference that they’re making, and perhaps the personal benefits they get from their efforts.

Volunteers get a lot out of their experiences regardless of what point in your life they’re at. Students bolster their UCAS applications and early CVs, people with gaps in employment gain fresh experience maybe even in a new discipline, and retirees improve their local communities whilst staying active and social.

You put in the time you want to, finding the right role for you. 

This event will be taking place at the Civic Centre in Uckfield town centre, and plenty of our local charities and organisations will be in attendance, ready to answer any questions you might have, and chat in general about what it is they do and how you, if interested, can be of help.

Civic Centre, Saturday 23rd September 10am – 2pm.

Refreshments will be available from the Civic Centre.