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Uckfield Volunteer Centre Expansion Survey

The Uckfield Volunteer Centre is looking to expand!

We enjoy a close relationship with the Uckfield community, acting both as an information hub and the go to place for anyone looking to volunteer, however we realise that there are many places throughout the district which are currently without such services, as we have had people from all over Wealden popping through our door seeking an opportunity to give their time and energy too.

We’re excited at the prospect of expanding and enchancing our services, retaining our regular support in Uckfield as well as branching out to other towns and villages, working with any relevant local groups or organisations to provide the best service possible.

To try and get the clearest idea of exactly where such expansion would provide the best results, we are currently conducting a survey for any residents of Wealden to answer. This survey is incredibly short, just a few questions with the option to express any additional thoughts, so please fill it out and assist us in helping more of Wealden to find the right voluntary positions.

You can find the online survey here.

Alternatively, if any groups meet, you can hold a quick vote for our question ‘Do you support our aim to expand our services?’ and then email us at with the results of the show of hands and the numbers.

Our thanks for your help in this!