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Wealden Volunteering Launch

Towards the end of 2023, our manager Judith looked at the landscape of the voluntary sector in our local area, and saw an opportunity. Whilst the Uckfield Volunteer Centre has always been open to any local organisation becoming a member, our services focused mainly upon our home town of Uckfield, having been a part of the community since the early nineties.

We set about surveying the interest in a possible expansion of our services to neighbouring towns, gathering the perceived need for assistance in linking charitable organisations and groups with potential volunteers in their area. The response we got back was a positive one.

As a result, we have begun that expansion, and on the 28th of March, the Uckfield Volunteer Centre will be changing into Wealden Volunteering to reflect our growth.

Though our venue on Uckfield high street will remain, and our services to the town will stay unchanged, we are spreading to Heathfield and Crowborough with pop-up hubs, providing local information and advice, and crucially helping to get those interested in giving their time and skills to the right local causes in need of recruits.

More towns will follow once we have fully established our services in Heathfield and Crowborough, so watch this space for more developments.

To mark the expansion, we’ll be celebrating at our office in Uckfield high street (just up from the cinema) on the 28th of March when we officially become Wealden Volunteering. There will be drinks and nibbles, so feel free to drop in and celebrate with us! The more the merrier, and if you’re interested in volunteering then there’s no time like the present.