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Managing any organisation is hard. We know it takes a lot of time and energy. One thing you don’t want to worry about is your IT. It should just work, right? And that goes for your phone systems and internet connections too. Communications are also vital to any organisation, business or charity.

There are so many aspects to IT, many of which are easily overlooked. Is your business data properly backed up and easily restored should an issue arise? Are you sure you have the correct cyber security in place? Has your team had the training they need? And the list of questions goes on …

This page is created to help you with whatever IT issues you may be struggling with. Below are some useful links to training sessions, videos and additional support services.

IT Training

Using Microsoft, Apple or Android systems

We know learning to use technology can be overwhelming and we can soon get left behind. Here at Wealden Volunteering we offer free one hour, one-to-one training sessions on how to use Microsoft, Apple and Android systems.

The service is available by appointment. Please contact us to book a session.

Cyber Security

Cybercrime is on the increase. In the UK one small business is hacked every 19 seconds! A key to keeping your business safe is keeping your staff trained and aware of what to look out for from the cyber criminals.

On the subject of cyber-attacks and prevention we have 3 short training videos below courtesy of PS Tech. Please share with your team and use them as reminders.

PS Tech’s Cyber Hygiene Videos

Video 1: Introduction: Hackers
In this video you’ll see just how easy it is for the hackers to break into a computer.

Video 2: Threats within the organisation
Yes threats can come from within. What do we mean?

Video 3: What you can do to keep your organisation safe
Looking at 3 key areas to keep your data safe.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Courses

PS Tech offer bite-size security awareness training that is designed to keep you and your team engaged. Training doesn’t have to be boring. Entertaining videos and interactive content ensure that you are always looking forward to the next training module.

To discover more and get started click here.

IT Support & Services

We have partnered with PS Tech, an Uckfield based IT support company who can help with all your business IT needs.

IT Consultancy and Help Desk

Need jargon free, straight forward, best practice advice? Or on call assistance from the traditional help desk? PS Tech have a friendly, experienced team to call.

Backup & Recovery

Your business data along with your staff is the most valuable asset. It must be kept safe and plans put in place to recover it should something go wrong, man-made or natural.

Microsoft 365

From licenses and renewals to making a complete switch to the Microsoft platform. It’s hassle-free when a trusted IT partner does it for you.

VoIP Phone Systems

With traditional phone lines becoming redundant without choice by 2025, VoIP is a great option to switch to. Many have switched already and are reaping the benefits. See more about the BT switch off here.


Fast business grade Internet and Broadband connections to your premises. A must for any business.

If you would like to find out more on who PS Tech are and the services they offer please visit their website here.

Recycling Old IT Hardware

Many of us have old tech lurking away in the back of a cupboard at home. We don’t always know what to do with it, so it just stays there.

The Centre has teamed up with an IT company in Eastbourne who can professionally refurbish old gadgets and in return, they will supply us with refurbished equipment which we can pass on to local charities and those in need. We will shortly be supplying The Malthouse in Uckfield with a computer suite and IT support for their residents through this initiative.

If you have any old tech at home, please bring it in to us. We can take ANY device, whether it’s an old computer, laptop, mobile phone, printer or cables. It doesn’t matter how old the device is either. If possible, please delete any personal documents first, but they will be wiped if necessary.