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Plans to re-open the local Youth Club in Manor Park, Uckfield

Plans are in place to re-open the local Youth Club facility (Downsview Centre) on Downsview Crescent, in Manor Park, Uckfield.

The decision to re-open the Youth Club grew out of local community safety meetings organised by Sussex Police in 2018 between community groups and local businesses. These meetings were set up to discuss and deal with concerns relating to youth crime and anti-social behaviour and led to many successes which resulted in a drop in youth-related incidents in Uckfield.

To help it get it off the ground. It will provide a safe space for young people to socialise, take part in activities and hopefully guide future generations in a positive way. The proposed plan is to hold the Youth Club one evening per week for a two-hour session. The Youth Club will be open to current Year 7s (ages 11 and 12 years) with a view to expanding on this age group if the Youth Club is successful.

It will be run by Youth Workers managed by East Sussex County Council’s Youth Service team, and local volunteers. If anyone is interested in volunteering there are more details at